Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price of custom properties for sale in Mysore?

The average price of custom properties for sale in Mysore depends on the location and what kind of property you choose.

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What is the lease term?

The Lease term of custom properties for sale in Mysore is generally 3 years in case of residential properties.

What utilities are included in the custom properties for sale in Mysore?

The custom properties for sale in Mysore includes all the basic amenities like Electricity, water, trash, internet

What parking options are available?

Yes, the majority of the custom properties for sale in Mysore are independent and usually come with parking facilities for a two wheeler and a 4 wheeler.  In case of custom properties for sale in Mysore all of them will come with 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler parking setup.

Do I need a real estate agent?

KraftedYards is the one point solution for all your real estate needs for all the custom properties for sale in Mysore.

What is the home inspection process like?

Kraftedyards takes care of all the inspection process according to the convenience of the owner or caretaker and the tenant to follow for a smooth process in case of all the custom properties for sale in Mysore.

Do we have legal assistance in buying property?

Yes, at Karftedyards we take care of all legal aspects from document verification till registration for all the custom properties for sale in Mysore.

What type of custom properties for sale are available in Mysore?

One can find all types of custom properties for sale in Mysore like residential – sites or houses, apartments and commercial, industrial, retail, vacation and agricultural, Investment and mixed-use property.

Are pets allowed? If so, are there breed or weight restrictions?

Yes, Pets are allowed in most of the independent custom properties for sale in Mysore

Can I break the lease early?

Yes, Lease can be broken early, however the owner might demand a few months rent as compensation.

What is the neighborhood like?

One can mostly find friendly neighborhoods in any part of the city.

What are the property taxes in the area?

The custom properties for sale in Mysore taxes totally depend on the property you opt for.

What is the resale value of the property?

Mysuru is the hot destination for real estate. It is predicted that the smart city project in Mysuru further increases the land value. So it is a good hike on your investment as all kinds of custom properties for sale in Mysore will have the best resale value.

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